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frisbee and twinky

Frisbee Jackson’s family immigrated to the United States in a vessel affectionately called the “Siren’s Song.” Ever since the first oar touched the cool waters of the Pacific, the Jacksons never looked back. Always encouraging their children to achieve, Mama and Papa Jackson furnished their Jackson juniors with the finest education money could buy.

Fame arose when Frisbee’s short story “People-Watching” caught the eye of Haoyan of America and was published in his monthly periodical, Facsimile Magazine. Some would call it nepotism, but Jackson agrees that it is due to her immense natural talent. And the critics agree. “Frisbee, I think your writing is okay!” writes a Ph.D in Comparative literature, BeachBabe468.

Jackson has received numerous prestigious awards including, but not limited to: First place in the PTA Reflections writing contest (third grade), third place in the “Bottle Music” category in Science Olympiad (fifth grade), and a participation award for swim team (eighth grade). However, even as her trophy case groans under the weight of all the accolades, Jackson remains grounded in modesty.

Jackson enjoys many things, including wine tasting in Tuscany, playing polo, and volunteering. Jackson believes one of the most rewarding activities is giving back to the community. When she is not volunteering at the local senior citizen home (reading her latest novel or short story, of course), or crocheting scarves for poverty-stricken children in the Siberian tundra, she is dropping complimentary air loads of her latest works to the indigenous people of the Amazon, in hopes of increasing literacy rates in the area.*

*The Amazonian Reading Scholars Enitative (ARSE) project is on hold after a team of scientists discovered that the rising rates of cancer and sharp decrease in the population of endangered blue-footed minnow fish are in perfect correlation with the air loads of Jackson’s writing. Preliminary research is showing that the books contain highly toxic ink, and lawsuits are pending. Jackson denies any wrong doing.