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Worse off

Common Exchange

Person A: “God, that burrito did not settle well with my stomach.”
Person B: “At least you had something to eat. There are starving children in Africa, that WISH they could have had that burrito.”

Interchange burrito with chili, nachos, sesame chicken and everyone has been a witness or participant of such a conversation.

However, the notion that there is bound to be someone somewhere suffering much more than you, so you should just suck it up, is deeply flawed.

It is condescending. One is clearly putting themselves in a position where they can still be above others. It’s seeking contentment out of the anguish of others, which is kind of sick, if you really think about it. Yes! Those famished African children have it much worse, now I feel much better and will quit my bitching. See?

Additionally, with this philosophy, there is no motivation or drive to get out of one’s current situation. It tries to legitimize one’s current status by saying it’s okay. So what I just gambled my house, children’s college tuition and retire money away? Some people out there don’t even have money to lose in the first place. I should be happy with what I’ve got.

Instead of partaking in such backward thinking, one ought t o strive to make oneself better, and persevere out of the situation. Pondering the plight of others worse off will not help your situation at all.

Sometimes I find myself slipping into such backwards thinking. Hypocrite that I am, I consider the poor African children, but then I realize I just need to worry about getting my own ass together.