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News Alert: Frisbee Jackson Has Found A Real Job

Yes, it’s true. I’ve finally landed a real job. I now work as a cashier/bus boy/stocker/chef (granted they’re just hot dogs)/chocolatier at a locally owned chocolate and ice cream shop. And while I won’t be able to support my Vegas family on a meager $6.50 an hour, it’s a start. My first day consisted of scooping ice cream, making hot dogs, dipping potato chips in melted swirl of chocolate (they’re actually quite delicious), and apologizing to customers for ringing up a $28.00 bill for a single hot dog (the cash register is a complicated, high tech machine).

The owners are quite friendly. In fact, the owner’s wife showed me photos of their home (and the 3 acres that surround it). She also showed me pictures of their pets which consisted of: 8 indoor cats, 10ish outdoor cats, 6 sheep, blind and deaf dog, and rabbit. Quite a household. The shop is not an evil corporation, which I really like. I love going to places like Wal-Mart and Target where I can get sunscreen, a tomato, a purse and a shovel, but let’s face it. Places like Wal-Mart and Starbucks have no soul. They are solely corporate entities trying to make as much money as possible, and frankly don’t really care about the customers. At the chocolate shop, however, we mingle with the customers (many of which are regulars, and which the owner knows really well) and it’s lovely.

I won’t be working much during the school year, only on weekends (and maybe some weekdays after school), but my hours will pick up over the summer. The store is open from 10-6, Monday through Saturday, so that’s not too bad. And it’s not like I would be doing anything else during that time in the summer. Except for maybe catching up with Judge Judy and learning the results of paternity tests. But that can wait for Sundays.