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Happy Independence

It is impossible to achieve independence in a single sitting, just as it is impossible to take only a single bite out of a delicious cookie. As one grows, bit by bit, independence is gained. One of the first tastes of independence is walking alongside the shopping cart, rather than riding in it. Ambling down the myriad of aisles in the local grocery store, rather than gliding past them. Gone are the days of scooting over a bit so Mother can make room for the pork chops, the days of having easy access to your favorite sugary cereal on the top shelf. This mere act of walking upon your own two legs, one foot after the other on the clean tile floor, is one of the first glimpses of independence. The metal cage on wheels is rid of. Many more rites of independence follow this, such as becoming licensed and unseating others of their job as perpetual chauffeurs and getting a job to support your more superfluous needs. Arguably the biggest, leaving the nest so mama and papa bear can no longer watch and advise every move. Bed times and curfews become a thing of the past. With each step, one grows closer to obtaining overall independence. But independence is much more than “I do what I want when I want.”

Successful independence is doing what you want, but going about it conscientiously.

First published in Facsimile Magazine in July 2007. Reposted 2/14/08.