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Yesterday, quite an extraordinary thing happened.

In honor of my recent birthday, a group of my good friends came to “kidnap” me. Blinded-folded, I was then escorted to the car, where we drove around for a good few minutes. Then the car came to a halt and I was led out– blindfold still on. Not being able to see at first was quite daunting. I was in a world of darkness, walking slowly and cautiously not to run into anything. My hands groped out before me to make sure nothing was in my way.

The fantastic thing is, after a while my brain began to pick up where my eyes could no longer see. When I was led outside of the car, I could see a wonderful snow covered hill. The colors were somewhat dull still, but it was a snow covered hill all the same. As we walked closer I could see the stairs that led to a splendid estate. A Thrushcross Grange (I have just read Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte) in its own right. As we walked in, I could smell the popurri and see the grandeur of the home. Rich, burgundy rug covered the deep mahogany of the hard wood floors. Candles were lit, and I could hear glasses clinky and people merrily mingling. An air of excitement filled the grand room. It was decorated for Christmas and all types of silver, gold, deep reds and greens popped out at me.

The blind fold was removed. “OPEN YOUR EYES NOW!” my friends shouted in unison.

I didn’t want to open my eyes. In fact, I hesitated a bit. But then my eye lids slowly parted, and there I was in the middle of a pet store.