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Anti-Drug Ad

Apologizes, my nonexistent readers for the hiatus. In fact, I write only to say that this dry spell will probably continue on for a while until I really get time to sit down.

But I have thought of a new anti-drug ad, based on those that are themed with the “How are you going to explain to your *insert loved one(s) here* that you couldn’t *insert crucial activity here* because you were getting high.

It begins with a shot of the Eugene Hecht Physics book third edition and an open blank notebook. A mechanical pencil, slightly askew, is near the spiral of the notebook. Then it widens to a shot of a little Asian girl with a plastic object in her hands, intently facing the television. Loud clicking noises are frequent and it becomes apparent that she is jamming to “Through the Fire and Flames.” Then it cuts to:

*female voice over* “How are you going to explain to your physics teacher that you failed the test because you were playing Guitar Hero III?”

Then it fades…

into the story of my life.